Warm hues, natural textures, and little metallic accents create a tranquil escape from the stresses of everyday life, without even leaving your bedroom.

    A little more sun, a lot more cosy

    Himalayan rock salts from Pakistan are selected and polished into half sun. Cracks, bubbles, grains, and dents are not flaws but the key elements making the sunshine in your hands a unique masterpiece
    Himalayan Salt Lamp
    They are handmade and cut out off the purest Himalayan salt polished into half sun. Special coating on the surface helps to prevent dripping and keep its potential health benefits for our body.
    Wireless Charger
    Charge efficiently and fast with just a single move, and forget about those tangling cords. Compatible with all Qi-enabled Wireless charging enabled devices.
    Stepless Dimming
    Control the light with one simple effortless touch. The brightness of the light is steplessly dimmable by the metal piece, supplying warm light to make your room sweet.
    5 in 1 Multi-function
    The European beech base of Sunrise features stepless dimmer control, a wireless phone charger, a phone stand, a sound amplifier, and a pen holder.
    Masdio Sunrise Himalayan Salt Lamp, Ambient Lamp Meditation Lamp with Himalayan Salt, Wireless Charger, Sound Amplifier, Pen & Cell Phone Holder (Himalayan Salt)

    Rated voltage

    DC5V, 2A

    Light color

    2700k~3000k Warm White light

    Light power

    3W LED

    Charger output


    Conversion Rate


    Product materials

    Rock Salt/Amber Resin, European beech, Zinc Alloy.

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