Bike Tail
    Bike Tail
    The designing inspiration of the Ampulla remote control bicycle tail light comes from Batmobile.

    The 1st Gen Bike Turning Light

    Creative and stylish appearance, well coordinate with all kinds of bicycle: mountain bike, road bike, racing bike, you name it. Together with smart remote control, easily control the right/left turn signal, emergency light and alert guides. Provide great safety for cyclists during night time or rainy days.
    Ultra Brightness
    Bicycle rear light has 29 of 85LM LED lights (30lm is commonly used on other tail lights) & 2 ground lane alert, bright enough to be seen from 150ft away in foggy/rainy day or even in dark night
    Unique Turn Signals
    Simply turn on right/left turn signals through the wireless remote control. Get drivers' attention from several blocks away, securing your safety when riding in traffic.
    8 Hours Battery Life
    Built-in 2200 mAh battery allows you to continuously use C1 for your riding for up tp 8 hours.
    Virtual Lane & Light Sensor
    Ultra-bright LED on the ground warns any possible incoming vehicle, giving the rider their own virtual lane, further increasing visibility
    Oricycle C1 taillight has a built-in light sensor that enables the light to detect the environment brightness and turn on/off automatically.

    Rear Light Size

    110mm x 65mm x 30mm

    Rear Light Weight


    Rear Light Charging Input

    DC5V 800mA

    Remote Control Battery Capacity


    Waterproof Level


    Red Alarming Light Brightness

    85 lumen

    Rear Light Battery Capacity


    Working Environment

    -20 – 60°C(-4 -140°F)

    Rear Light Endurance

    Up to 8 hours

    Rear Light Charging Time

    3.5 hour normal charging time

    Rear Light Full Battery Standby

    standby time 14 days

    Remote Control Endurance

    > 4 months

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    Ampulla is inspired by the wonderful balance of nature for today’s electronic devices. We hope to awaken the artist in everyone’s heart through the combination of arts and practical electronics design.