Car Door Edge Guard (Chrome Silver)

Guard, Everywhere.

Ampulla Car Door Edge Guards are made of Eco-friendly PVC material, which has Odorless, Heat-Insulation, Self-Extinguishing, Persistence and Endurance features. It also comes with built-in adhesive glue and a tape of 3M adhesive tape.

The exquisite design of Ampulla Car Edge Protector prevents any potential damage from physical impacts and resists acids, salts, bases, fats, and alcohols. It is the perfect guard choice for your car.

Why Ampulla Car Door Edge Guards?

Full Range Protection

Ampulla car door edge guards can cover the entire car door edge without any blind side. No steel design is the best choice to protect your car in case of any damage caused by accidents.

Add Style to Your Car

There are two colors available which are Jet Black and Chrome Silver. Ampulla car door edge guards have the best quality and touch feeling in the market, saying NO to anything made cheaply Adding Style to your lovely car.

Heat Insulation Improvement

Your car will have a better heat insulation if Ampulla car door edge guards are applied. It can significantly keep Air conditioning inside the car for a longer period and Insulate the hot air outside the car. Indirectly reduce fuel consumption for your cars.

Double Adhesive Strength

Built-in adhesive glue plus a tape of 3M adhesive provides a double insurance from detaching or falling off issues caused by poor adhesive. Durable for any automatic car washing machine.

Eco-friendly PVC

Ampulla car door edge guards has Odorless, Heat-Insulation, Self-Extinguishing, Persistence and Endurance features.It is completely environmental friendly, protecting your family and our ecological environment.

5m / 16ft. Total Length

One pack of Ampulla car door edge guards will be enough for the four doors of the most of sedans & SUV. It can be cut into arbitrary dimensions for any postion of your car.

Ampulla Card Door Edge Guards is a tools free installation product, which can be easily D.I.Y. The required length of car edge protector for modifications will be varied for different models of vehicles. The common ranges for common sedan/hatchback cars are listed above, please check them before purchase. It is highly recommended to measure the actual total length of the parts you want to protect before you decide the quantity of your purchase.

Notice Before Use:

  1. Clean up where it is to be installed, there should be no wax or oil residual.
  2. Cut to the length required, and draw line on the body of the car. On measuring the length, it should be considered whether the trim would interfere with the body of the car on opening the door (1cm allowance may be spared, or cur an angle on the former end of the trim with a knife).
  3. Angle cutting on the end of every piece of the trim may be performed with a knife or grinding wheel to improve the external look.
  4. Tear off the protective paper, adhere it along the line exactly; there should be no dirty object on the surface of the gum, or touch it with hands.
  5. Apply pressure on the surface of the trim uniformly to ensure firm adhesiveness.
  6. It should be used over 65°F (18°C), the surface of the gum should be heated with hot air whenever it is below this temperature to ensure the effect of adhesiveness.
  7. Avoid to wash the car with automatic washing machine within 24 hours after installing.
  8. If what you bought is the type attached with an END, the length of the END should be deducted before cutting, and adhere the END after completing the adhering of the trim.

Ampulla Car Door Protector’s Specification:
Material: PVC
Available Color: Jet Black/ Chrome Silver
Length: 5m/16ft
Width: 5.5mm./0.22”
Height: 8mm/0.31”
Edge thickness: 1.18mm

★ Fully Protection from Collision on Car Door Edge
★ Tool-Free D.I.Y. Installation.
★ Heat-Insulation
★ Self-Extinguishing
★ Add Style to Your Car

“This is a perfect car door edge guards for my Acura MDX. Strong Ahesive & Perfect Fit”

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