Sentry Ondash Camera

Guard the Turth

Ampulla Sentry with rear camera utilizes the most stable dual cameras CPU and advanced H.264 video compression technology. Incredible FHD 170° wide angle front viewing through six layers of full glass plus 160° IR lenses rear camera with LED enhancement, provides the 230° ultra range of surveillance.

Why Sentry with rear camera?

Full HD 1080P

Sentry Dash cameras for cars have Full-HD video resolution 1920*1080 at 30fps, using H.264 photography compression technology and Smooth Image Processing.

Better Night Vision

Built in 6 layers of full glass lenses with WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) video technology plus infrared lens on the rear camera. Get a better night vision enhancement within 230° of ultra range view.

Massive Features

Built in G-senser, loop recording, motion detection, parking mode, Ignition detection, Brightness & Contrast settings allows to customize the optimized settings for you.

230° Ultra Wide View

Sentry dash cam comes with 6 layers of F/2.0 f=2.78 full glass lensess providing ultra wide 170 degree angle view plus 160 degree rear view, provides ultra wide viewing you never had before.

Reliable JL Core

High-end JL core processor is the fastest and more reliable choice for dual dash camera with G-senser, loop recording, motion detection, parking mode, etc.

Unique Reverse Assistance

The rear camera of Sentry comes with black & red wires for connecting the reverse light. The four built in LED lights will be actived at reverse gear.

Front Camera:

Display:        3.0 inch TFT LCD screen
DSP:              JL
Lens:             170 degree wide angle 6-layer full glass lens with wide aperture F/2.0
Video:            H.264 compressed format; 
                        1920X1080P/30fps FHD,
                        Image JPEG; 12M Pixels
Audio:            Microphone and speaker equipped
Memorizer:  External: Up to 32GB C10 TF, SD card 
USB Port:      USB 2.0, Mini USB
WDR:             Support
Languages:  English, German, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.

Rear Camera:

Video:            H.264 compressed AVI format; 720x480P/30fps
Audio:            Microphone and speaker equipped
Lenses:          160 degree wide viewing angle and multi-layer glass lense
Sealing:          IP67 level waterproof, dustproof & snow proof

*The video quality is actually 1080P. Due to technical reasons and uploader’s selection, the uploaded video on Youtube is actually compressed into 720P.

Sentry with rear camera took only 56 days to become the Top 1 Seller of dual dash cam on

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