Ampulla Sports Armband

Reliable Gears is your Strongest Support

Ampulla sports armband may be the most confortable armband in the world. The unique one-piece design with advanced velcro closure wipes out all the suturing scars in the old design, providing the most confortable and best exercise experience.

Why Ampulla Sports Armband?

All in One Armband

Our newest Cell Phone Armband has included the most common and the most functional features in the market. They includes universal phone holder, crystal clear touch friendly cover,handy key pocket, headset locker, dual pockets,wide range arm size fit porthole and more different unique designs on the market.

Strong Durable Body & Environmental Friendly

One piece construction (lengthwise) design makes this armband extremely durable and comfortable, which never irritates, pinches or pulls your skin caused by poor joint’s stitch closure. This cell phone Armband is also made of environmental friendly material. Join the Green Side!

Anti-Drop Buckle Design

An unique anti-drop buckle will lock and hock your arm while the velcro closure accidently gets opened or loosed, proctecting your phone from damages caused by heavy dropping.

Protection for Phone, Skin and Clothes

There are advanced protective Velcro closure and anti-drop reverse designs on the both of the buckle. These design will avoid the most common issues of armband for running, which includes accidentally drop, skin friction and clothes tearing.

Universal Size Fit for Arm and Phone

Dual arm strap slots design perfectly fits for people with arm circumference within 11.2″- 16.4″. And an universal phone holder can fit for any cell phone up to 6.0″ diagonal, including iPhone 6S/6S plus, Galaxy 5S/6S/7S, Windows phone 8, HTC 10, LG V10, MOTO Z, BLU Advance and others.

Free Phone Table Stand Included

You can adjust the most comfortable angle to enjoy films, TV shows with our card-size portable phone table stand while you are taking a break after exercise.

Ampulla Sports Armband’s features:

1. Storage:
– Cell Phone Holder (up to 6.0″ diagonal)
– Key Pocket
– Headset Locker
– Dual Pocket for cash, cards, paperwork and etc.
– Universal headset porthhole

2. Comfort:
– Advanced Velcro Closure to aviod irritate skins
– Integrated Body without Joint’s Stitch Closure
– Ultra 0.07 Inches Thickness
– 116 Breathable Holes
– Multi-Size for Different Arm Circumference: 11.2″ ~ 16.4″

3. Protection:
– Anti-Drop Reverse Buckle
– Cystal Clear Touch Friendly Screen Cover
– Non-tearing velcro Closure to Aviod Sticking to Clothes

“Ampulla fits for my iphone 7p perfectly. It is very slim but actually staying on my arm very tightly”

Myebay – Reviewer