Bike Tail Light


Ampulla Bike Taillight has an excellent performance at night time. Ultra-bright rare light make you visible from blocks away. Special design light beam projector projects ultra-bright lanes on the ground, giving the rider their own virtual lane. Remind drivers to keep safety distance when driving passes you. Ampulla Bike Taillight providing peace of mind for your ride, is your best partner for outdoor biking!

Why Ampulla Bike Tail Light?

Ultra Birght Tail Light

Ampulla bike tail light has 29 of 85LM LED lights (30lm is common used on other tail lights) & 2 ground lane alert, bright enough to be seen from 150ft away in foggy/rainy day or even in dark night.

Unique Virtual Lane Ground

Ultra-bright lane alert on the ground warns any possible incoming vehicle, giving the rider their own virtual lane, further increasing visibility.

Wireless Remote Control

Remote control the bike tail light to send signals in different modes by the six easy to use buttons on the wireless controller.

Right/Left Turning Light

Simply turn on right/left turn signals through the wireless remote control, emergency lights, and ground lane alert. Get drivers’ attentions from several blocks away, securing your safety when riding in traffic.

IPX4 Level Waterproof

IPX4 Waterproof level can be used in small to moderate rain in the temperature of in -4-140°F — your best partner for outdoor biking.

USB Rechargeable

Ampulla Bike Tail Light can be recharged by USB power supply. Built-in rechargeable batteries are more helpful in protecting the environment and reducing pollution. Let us Go Green!

Ampulla Bike Remote Control Tail light Specifications:

Rear Light Size: 110mm*65mm*30mm
Rear Light Weight: 125g
Rear Light Charging Input: DC5V 800mA
Remote Control Battery Capacity: 180mAh
Waterproof Level: IPX4
Red Alarming Light Brightness: 85 lumen
Rear Light Battery Capacity: 2200mAh
Working Environment: -20 – 60°C(-4 -140°F)
Rear Light Endurance: More than 7 hours
Rear Light Charging Time: 3.5 hour normal charging time
Rear Light Full Battery Standby: The device been turned on but light off standby time 14 days
Remote Control Endurance: Standby more than 4 months

“It is not just a bike tail light with decent functions keeping me riding safely, but it also makes me riding stylishly like a red lightning bolt shuttling in the streets.”

Yang – Reviewer